Dear Present-Day Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor’s new and exceedingly popular single, “Dear Future Husband,” has led to much debate among her fans and foes.

From her first breakout song “All About That Bass” to the more recent “Lips Are Movin,”  there has yet to be a lull in the controversial nature surrounding her career.

Essentially, women generally aren’t too enthusiastic that she’s a walking contradiction. This discontent reached new heights when women, with any basic self-respect that is, caught wind of the lyrics to “Dear Future Husband.” The worst part of this is not that she reinforces long outlived gender stereotypes, but Trainor seems to genuinely enjoy doing it.

Among the plethora of sexist lyrics, these stood out among the rest:

“Take me on a date
I deserve a break
And don’t forget the flowers
Every anniversary
Cause if you treat me right
I’ll be the perfect wife
Buyin’ groceries, buy, buyin’ what you need

You gotta know how to treat me like a lady
Even when I’m acting crazy
Tell me everything’s alright

After every fight just apologize
And maybe then I’ll let you try and rub my body right
Even if I was wrong
You know I’m never wrong
Why disagree, why, why disagree

I’ll be sleeping on the left side of the bed
Open the doors for me and you might get some, kisses
Don’t have a dirty mind,
Just be a classy guy
Buy me a ring, buy, buy me a ring”

Trainor has been known to wander from  the societal standards women have worked hard to establish and has also gotten rid of on an array of subjects which prey upon body image and gender. Past grievances were made about her song “All About That Bass” wherein she advocated for peoples’ deference from thin/skinny girls and preference for those with more “bass.”

“After being totally disappointed in Meghan Trainor for her Dear Future Husband song, we thought maybe she would have some existential reason we didn’t get for producing a song with genre roles straight outta 1950, and we patiently awaited her thoughtful response when asked the question about her sexist single,” said online blog

In response, Trainor completely dodged their question and said “Everyone’s going to say something. I don’t think it’s sexist. I just wrote a song for my particular future husband out there, wherever he is. I’m just preparing him. Letting him know what’s up” –explaining a whole lot of nothing.

Just because you repeat a word or make a phrase catchy, Trainor, it doesn’t mean the lyric is morally okay.


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